For full information regarding rosters and player eligibility, please check your rulebook.

NSA Rule is available online at

Use the Official NSA ONLINE Roster, completely filled out including all signatures.

  • Any player under the age of 18 must have a parents signature in order to participate.
  • Players can only participate on ONE team during the season.
  • Players cannot play on two different age groups within the same organization.(A 14 year old cannot play one weekend with the 14U team and then lay a different weekend with the 16U team because they need players for a particular weekend.) This is an illegal player.
Player Release

It is possible for a player to be released from their current team to participate with a new team or age group. It can only be done once a year, and a Player Release Form (pdf) must be signed by the current coach, player, and parent. It must also be approved by your State Director PRIOR to the change in team.

NOTE: Once a player has been released from a team, the cannot change teams again during the season. This means they cannot go back to the original team.

Adding Players to your roster

This may be done anytime during the season before the State Tournament. A NEW COPY of your roster must be provided to the NSA State Office BEFORE THE NEW PLAYER PARTICIPATES. Once you have filled your roster (20 players), you cannot add any additional players (even if you release a player). For questions regarding adding players after the State Tournament, please contact the NSA State Office.

NSA Approved Equipment List

BATS: Only NSA approved bats will be allowed, THEY MUST HAVE THE NSA LOGO ON THEM. Check the National Web site for a complete and up to date listing of approved equipment.

Please check bats by manufacturer, model number, and name. If a bat is a not posted on the approved list, it will NOT be allowed. You may contact the manufacturer to inquire on the status of an unlisted bat.