Teams wishing to compete and play in our tournaments need to go to the web site to register your team for events. This gets the process started. Once registration with has been confirmed, you will return to this site to sign up for tournaments. The entry forms are located on the forms page and following the instructions on the page.

Once all forms and entry fees have been received, you are ready to start your quest to make it to the World Series. See rosters and registration for rules and regulation explanations. Visit the contact page for any questions about these items and direct your question to the proper administrator.

We look forward to seeing all of your teams compete in the coming year and we are always here for you.

Please everyone enjoy this year's season of events, play safe, play smart, and most all, have fun and make some new friends.


For additional tournament information, view the complete schedule.

For in-progress tournament updates, see Tournament Updates.

Upcoming Tournaments

Date Event Age Group
1/3/2015 Thiel College Winter Fest 18U
1/4/2015 Winter Fest 14U
3/14/2015 Thiel College Spring Warm-Up 12U
3/15/2015 Thiel College Spring Warm-Up 10U
5/2/2015 Spring Open 10U, 12U
5/9/2015 Spring Xtreme
5/16/2015 Viper Classic All
5/29/2015 Summer Open All
6/5/2015 Rumble on the Mountain All
6/12/2015 Summer Bash 14U, 16U, 18U
6/19/2015 Summer Fest/State Tournament All
6/26/2015 Waynesburg University Showcase All
7/10/2015 Wheeling Shoot Out All
7/17/2015 Fast Pitch Mania All
7/24/2015 Softball in the Hills All